06 July, 2010

New Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner-designate, Canadian Dwayne Douglas Gibbs.

Trinidad and Tobago has a new Police Commissioner-designate. He is Canadian Dwayne Douglas Gibbs, a retired Superintendent of Police of the Edmonton Police Service in Alberta, Canada. Gibbs’ appointment was approved by Parliament last Friday.

Another Canadian, Jack Ewatski will be appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police. Ewatski is a retired Chief of Police at the Winnipeg Police Service.

Could this be the break that airgunners are seeking? Will this new Police Commissioner bring a fresh set of eyes and -- more importantly – ears to the office? Will we be able to shoot larger bore, and rifled airguns before the end of his contract?

Would FULs be renewable every five years, as in Canada, instead of the annual ritual that it is presently? Would the FUL application refusal rate be reduced from the present 95% to the 0.15% as in Canada?

01 July, 2010

Rifle Racks

You can make your own simple rifle racks. Here’s a link with specs:


For those who can afford it, PriceSmart has a decent 5ft gun safe for about $5,000.
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