26 May, 2010

First woman Prime Minister

Congratulations to the People’s Partnership, a coalition of the United National Congress (UNC), the Congress of the People (COP), the Tobago O People (TOP) and the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC). Congratulations also to the 12 Peoples National Movement (PNM) newly elected Members of Parliament.

The final result: Peoples Partnership 29, Peoples National Movement 12. With a near two-thirds majority, the government-in-waiting will have little trouble passing important legislation. Now may be a good time to deal with the archaic firearms laws. So, along with “a chicken in every pot”, perhaps “a gun in every home”? Come on MPs, don’t squander this golden opportunity.

Trinidad and Tobago is about to get our first woman Prime Minister. Congrats Kamla! She was also the first female Attorney General, the first female Minister of Legal Affairs, the first female political leader of a major political party and the first female Leader of the Opposition. A number of ‘firsts’.

She has signaled a willingness to listen to the needs of the populace, by suggesting referenda for major thorny national issues and decisions. Let’s hope she is also the first Prime Minister to keep her word, on all promises and pledges. Mrs Persad-Bissessar will be sworn in this afternoon. One wonders about the curious situation of the foreign bodyguards, though.

Trinidad and Tobago is now in a state of euphoria, in direct contrast to the situation in Jamaica. The limited state of emergency declared by the Jamaican government in two parishes has brought daily life in the capital city of Kingston to a virtual halt. This situation needs immediate resolution. It shows what can happen when senior politicians make deals with criminal leaders.

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