13 August, 2010

Venezuela and Colombia achieve détente

On the brink of war a few short weeks ago, Venezuela and Colombia have managed a loosening of tensions. Both countries presidents met and signed agreements in Santa Marta, Colombia recently. A re-establishment of diplomatic relations was pre-eminent.

The newly elected Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his Venezuelan counterpart President Hugo Chavez agreed to set up five committees to address debt, border, security, joint projects and joint infrastructure.

Just a few weeks ago, the word ‘war’ was used in cross-border fiery rhetorical exchanges between President Chavez and (then) Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

Trinidad and Tobago should follow these events very closely as the relationship between the two South American countries impact us because of geography, economy, military and social issues.

If minor flooding has us pushing out (firing) the ODPM’s CEO and apportioning blame, then an influx of Colombians and Venezuelans (maybe even US, British and Canadians fleeing to safety) will overwhelm us and our resources.

Then there is the issue of TT/Venezuela hydrocarbon agreements.

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