31 January, 2011

New shotgun slug

The Hexolit 32

Not airgun related, but a revolutionary, new shotgun slug that almost guarantees immediate stopping of prey, bad guys। Shotgun hunters should have fun experimenting with it.

A slug with an extremely enormous impact effect. When hitting the body, the frontal part of the slug instantly increases from 18.5 to 36-38 mm in diameter – this is the largest slug expansion diameter ever known. It creates an entrance hole with a 3.5 cm diameter, hits powerfully with all its expansion area and disintegrates into six symmetric splinters. The splinter cone causes an extensive area of damage. The unified effect of a hydrodynamic and pneumatic shockwave inside the body, along with splinter damage, ensures an unique instant stopping effect with the Hexolit 32 slug, which provides good results even with imperfect hits.”


  1. Whoa Trinni, that slug is brutal. Somebody worked overtime developing that little gem.

  2. Joel, it looks as though it can certainly end needless suffering quite quickly.


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