08 July, 2011

World’s Newest Nation-State

At midnight tonight, the world’s newest independent nation-state will be born. The Republic of South Sudan, with a population of over 8 million, will be immediately recognized by the UN as the world’s 193rd state.

Since oil has been found, donor nations have been tripping over each other to ‘help’ the fledgling state. President Salva Kiir Mayardit has accepted assistance from the UN and about a dozen nations (many of which are angling to win lucrative developmental contracts).

South Sudan is roughly the size of France, but has about 500 doctors, 100 miles of paved roads, 20% literacy, 140,000 troops (with an additional 7,000 UN peacekeepers) and almost no infrastructure.

Some cynical analysts have already stated it has many elements of a failed state.

One good thing is apparent though. It seems (at least part of) the citizenry may be armed. There are reports of 1 million small arms in the hands of citizens. If this is true, then that should help to check most governmental excesses, especially if there are any tyrannical ambitions.

AirGunsTT congratulates the people of South Sudan on their hard fought independence, and wishes the newest nation-state of the world massive success. Freedom, peace and rain.

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  1. I too salute the people of South Sudan, and wish them many blessings. They have a chance to build a solid foundation. They must beware the wolves who will come in sheeps clothing, or wearing a suit and tie.


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