04 October, 2008

Hunting season is open!

Wednesday the 2008-09 hunting season opened. Eager hunters have been waiting since the season’s close at the end of February to renew their hobby. For some it’s a passion. Being a newbie, the passion hasn’t yet developed. But the idea of being able to track, stalk, trap, kill, field dress and cook game appeals to me on a visceral level.

Woke up at 4: 30 am and left without breakfast. Assembled all my gear the night before, so packing the car was easy. Drove to the chosen area and awaited dawn. As the sun’s rays began peeking over the hills, geared up and started the trek into the bush.

It was fairly uneventful, with no game sighted. Made a beginner’s mistake by bringing a cleaver instead of a cutlass (machete). Spent a few hours walking, standing, stopping, listening, looking, smelling, shooting. Bushcraft skills need improvement and tuning up with regular practice.

- Trini Funshooter

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