17 October, 2008


While enjoying the sunset this evening with the family at the ‘El Dorado’ hill, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, in the bushes. An adult wild rabbit, about eight to ten metres away. He paused for a moment, but that was enough time to squeeze off a head shot. He fell over twitched for a couple minutes, then lay still. Large and brown, with a healthy coat, he was heavier than my rifle (nine pounds), so a good, conservative estimate would be about 12-15 pounds. My 24 month old son said, “doggie, Daddy?” When corrected, he said, “wabbit”.

While showing it off, someone offered enough money that I couldn’t refuse, so it was sold on the spot. The cash will be used to buy more pellets. Someone else’s family will enjoy rabbit stew tomorrow for lunch.

There is really something special about that hill. Maybe this was an omen.

Today was a great day.

- Trini Funshooter


  1. a wild rabbit in trinidad? excited to know more!!

  2. I dont think there are wild rabbits in Trinidad. What you shot is most likely an escaped pet

  3. if I let lose about 100 in a remote part of the forest, i wonder if they will thrive and multiply?!


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