24 November, 2008

More preps, more price increases

Got two more flashlights, with accompanying batteries. Large requires D size batteries, while small uses AAs. Both courtesy a ‘loyalty marketing’ program from our regular grocery.

Another price increase; the humble Ramen noodle soup, normally sold at $2.30/pack is now $4.95! An increase of 115%! This, at a time when some world food (and oil) prices are decreasing. Thankfully, we bought a few packs each month for the past few months––at the lower price––so we can hold off until the price returns to ‘normal’, or give up the food entirely, as it contains only marginal nutrition. It’s only in the preps because of the ease and speed of preparation––3 minutes in boiling water and it’s done. Something hot, quick and tasty.

- Trini Funshooter

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