23 April, 2009

More emboldened criminals

Photo: Trinidad Guardian

Criminals, masked and geared up in police tactical uniforms strolled into factory at an industrial estate in Diego Martin and fired, reloaded and continued firing on employees, killing three.
The young males killed are aged 15, 19 and 24. The factory is owned by the husband of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“No-one took them seriously until they began to open fire.”
“Unopposed, the gunmen continued through the factory, taking out their next target during which the other two men were injured. They re-loaded and continued.”

This blog is not about crime, yet crime, criminals, victims and police ineptitude seem to be on the front burner too often. When are our policymakers and legislators going to stop the partisan bickering and upmanship long enough to make real changes that would positively and sustainably affect the quality of life of our citizens?

If any of those factory employees were legally armed, then those cold-blooded murderers could not have acted with such impunity in executing those young men.

Time to arm the population.

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  1. Its utterly ridiculous that the criminals can buy firearms to use against law abiding citizens and we cannot be granted licenses to defend ourselves. To make it worse, we cannot even depend on our criminally inept police service to protect us.


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