02 April, 2009

Vacation, Gun maintenance, Crime

Back from vacation. Details to follow, at another time. Recharged, renewed, re-energised and reloaded. Took time for introspection and re-evaluation. Plans to prepare, strategies to implement, and tactics to act out.

Ticked off a few goals on the 2009 list, but have to move faster to ensure the rest are accomplished before year’s end.


Dave bought a new spring for his rifle and will be replacing the old one tomorrow. He bought it for $150. The same spring is sold for $400 by another dealer. What a disparity! The first dealer will replace for $75, while we are allowed to look on. The latter dealer replaces in private, saying the law prevents us (the gun owners) from viewing the replacement process. Hmmmm.

We desperately need more gunsmiths in T&T. But even more importantly, we need more ethical gunsmiths. Not people who just want to get rich overnight, capitalizing on, and maintaining the ignorance of gun owners.


A Trini living in Venezuela told me today, that they (ordinary citizens) shoot thieves and murderers in Venezuela, with no hassles from the police. In fact, the police are happy for the help. Ordinary citizens are allowed to be legally armed there. Militias are commonplace in many communities there.


  1. Trinni where does a man go for vacation when he already lives in the sunny and beautiful tropics? ha ha. Its still 32 degrees and wet and windy here in beautiful Ohio. Ughh. But soon when it hits 95 I'll be dreaming of these cold days. Oh to find a happy middle. Just checking in to say "hey now". I'm happy your vacation was peaceful. I'll check back soon. God be with you Trinni.

  2. You should be grateful that we can legally own .177 smoothbore airguns, so stop complaining!


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