10 August, 2009

Bandits rob beachgoers opposite Army HQ

Criminals arriving by, and leaving in small fishing boats, have been targeting sea-bathers at Chagville Beach in Chaguaramas. What makes this particularly frustrating is that this beach is across the street from the TT Defense Force Headquarters. The TTDF has a proud history of serving this nation, so it’s ironic that these violent crimes occur within line-of-sight of their HQ.

One may argue that the classical role of a defence force is not law enforcement. True; but if that is the case in our country, then why do we have police/army “joint patrols”? Surely TTDF Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier Edmund Dillon is taking this as a personal assault on the reputation of the TTDF. After all, one of it’s stated responsibilities is, “cooperate with and assist the civil power in maintaining law and order.”
Additionally, every Chief of Defence Staff has included these words (in one form or another) in their speeches: “The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force is fully prepared to defend the sovereign good of our nation from all enemies, foreign or domestic.”

How about starting with enemies across the street?

The primary agency charged with the responsibility of policing the Western peninsula is the Chaguaramas Development Authority Police. Inspector Abdul Singh, the highest ranking officer of the CDA police, has many challenges, including acute shortages of personnel, arms, ammunition and vehicles. We empathise, but your responsibilities still stand. Do your job, or leave and make room for someone who will.

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  1. I agree, I could not have said it better my self.


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