14 August, 2009

Police officer arrested

Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) officers raided the Arouca home of a police corporal (acting) yesterday. They found a quantity of packaged narcotics used as evidence in recently concluded court cases.

The Express editorial today argues that either all 38 police officers working at the St Joseph police station (who were transferred to other stations) be charged with possession of the 6 guns and 160 packets of illegal drugs or at the very least, the senior officer in charge of the station be charged.

“Section 29 of the Dangerous Drugs Act states that "a person, until the contrary is proven, shall be deemed to be the occupier of premises, if he has, or appears to have, the care, control or management of such premises''. And it is well-known that, when official raids are made on private homes, the police usually arrest everyone living there, including youths and sometimes the aged who are unlikely to be involved in any nefarious activity. So what is the legal difference if the premises is a police station?”

In related news, yet another illegal firearm was found at the controversial St Joseph police station, yesterday. This time by a replacement police officer from the Arima CID, who found the .380 pistol while clearing out a desk drawer.

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