10 September, 2009

Food storage issues

While rotating food out of the preps, it’s easy to notice any changes to appearance, smell and general condition. Recently, I’ve realized that bouillon cubes (Maggi) and cookies do not store well. The cookies are comfort food for children. It gives them energy, and keeps their spirits up in times of high-stress living. The bouillon is great for enhancing the flavour of most dishes, but especially game and ground provision (root vegetables).

Even though we have enough salt to last about a year, and even some extra, for barter and charity, bouillon cubes pack superior flavour. The mission now is to find alternatives to cookies and bouillon cubes. Not sure if my storage methods are incorrect, so perhaps I’ll start with that.


Next to air, water is the most important requirement for life.
Increased our family water storage by three days. This may not appear to be much, but even one extra day’s water, means the family’s survival chances have been increased. Assurance. It’s better than insurance.


  1. Alas for me Trinni. I had to throw away 300 lbs. of wheat and corn. I had bought great big 100 lb. bags at the mill. And a grain grinder(hand powered). I did not freeze the corn and wheat because the bags were too big. I was going to freeze them this winter outside. The reason of course is that if the grain is not frozen for at least 3 days, little tiny bugs appear. And appear they did. I discovered thousands of little nasty bugs had made an entire bug-city inside each bag of grain and corn. I hauled the bags out to the woods, back behind our yard, and slashed the burlap bags open with my bowie knife. That is the only bright side to it. How often does a guy get to slash open a 100lb. bag of grain and let it spill out on the ground? Oh! Another bright side: Now I know from experience to ALWAYS freeze grains for 3 days minimum. ha ha. Keep up the great blog Trinni.

  2. Joel, 300 lbs?! Sorry to hear about this loss. Someone once said, "...when you lose, don't lose the lesson". I suppose this was an expensive lesson. Maybe you should share it with your readers, so they won't undergo that pain.

    Have you explored the efficacy of diatomaceous earth? I've searched, but cannot find it in Trinidad and Tobago, but I'm sure you can source it in Ohio.


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