18 September, 2009

Recent military promotions

Top: Col Kenrick Maharaj
Bottom: Capt Kirton Huggins

Two significant promotions in the military recently. Colonel Kenrick Maharaj has been appointed as Commanding Officer of the TT Regiment. He succeeds Colonel Roland Maundy, who has left to go to our Washington, DC High Commisssion as Military Attache.

Former Executive Officer of the Coast Guard, Commander Kirton Huggins has been promoted to Captain, and is now acting Commanding Officer of the TT Coast Guard. AirgunsTT has been informed that Captain Huggins is to move shortly to the Defence Transformation and Integration Secretariat, Ministry of National Security, which is headed by Commodore Garnet Best.

AirgunsTT congratulates both officers on their promotions and appointments, and wishes them every success in their new roles.

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