25 December, 2010

Colombian village swallowed by the earth

"Gramalote is a Colombian municipality and town located in the department of North Santander। Currently, the complete destruction of the town is considered imminent due to massive mudslides brought about by unprecedented flooding that most of Colombia has undergone.

Its average temperature is 23 °C and its height of 1040 meters above sea level। Prior to the 2010 Colombian floods it had a population of 7853 inhabitants. It was founded twice, the second time in 1857 to less than one kilometer from the first 1883."

2011 is said to have more severe weather in store for us in T&T। Harsher dry season, followed by flooding. Could we lose – not just the odd house-built-near-a-river-or-precipice – but an entire village? Or two? Devil’s Woodyard in Princes Town, perhaps?

When your neighbour house on fire…

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