19 December, 2010

Venezuela to host Iran missiles?

Anna Mahjar-Barducci reports that Iran will place medium-range missiles in Venezuela under a November 2010 agreement between the two countries। The report states that the missiles can reach the USA।

If this is true, then we in Trinidad and Tobago need to develop a strategic plan to deal with any possible war scenarios between those three countries। After all, we are only eight miles off the coast of Venezuela! If US warships (or military bases in Colombia) lob missiles intended for Venezuela and said missiles veer off course by 10 miles in an easterly direction…

Venezuelan assets are not all inland either. Some targeted Venezuelan assets can be oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Paria. T&T and Venezuela also has a recently signed energy-sharing agreement

One would hope that the Ministry of National Security has a well-refined plan to deal with this new threat to our nation’s interest, wellbeing and survival.


  1. I have always been frustrated with the level (or lack thereof) of strategic thinking of our leaders in relation to the national security of our country. And also with some of the thinking of our locals. Venezuela has all that military hardware,like sukhoi fighter planes... Venezuelan fighters regularly breach our airspace.

    If we were to acquire potent air defenses such as SAMS at least, you would hear the man in the street say "buh wuh dey spennin da money fuh an it ha x y z need tuh do,we a goin fight no war."

    Granted that there are areas that we would need to focus on more as a nation we have been unforgivably slack in terms of national security for far too long. Geopolitically we are a South American nation as well, it is high time we got a military that looks like one.

    Gun laws down here are as you put it archaic indeed. I am glad I found this blog, good to see like minded individuals.

  2. Thanks, epicman. Wish you the best with your upcoming film, "Hostile Elements".


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