23 August, 2011

State of Emergency Declared

TT Defence Force drill. Photo: Newsday

President George Maxwell Richards has signed a proclamation under section 8 of the constitution declaring a limited state of emergency in Trinidad and Tobago, effective midnight, Sunday 21st August।It is not clear what the limits are।

Period of Public Emergency

8.- 1. Subject to this section, for the purposes of this Chapter, the President may from time to time make a Proclamation declaring that a state of public emergency exists.

2. A Proclamation made by the President under subsection (1) shall not be effective unless it contains a declaration that the President is satisfied-

a. that a public emergency has arisen as a result of the imminence of a state of war between Trinidad and Tobago and a foreign State;

b. that a public emergency has arisen as a result of the occurrence of any earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire, outbreak of pestilence or of infectious disease, or other calamity whether similar to the foregoing or not; or

c। that action has been taken, or is immediately threatened, by any person, of such a nature and on so extensive a scale, as to be likely to endanger the public safety or to deprive the community or any substantial portion of the community of supplies or services essential to life.


ANY CITIZEN who is arrested can be detained by the police without charge for at least 24 hours, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan advised yesterday as the police took up extraordinary stop and search powers under emergency orders relating to six local government corporations.

However, Ramlogan also advised that actual detention without charge may be substantially longer if the police and Defence Force arrest persons under the provisions of anti-gang legislation which allows police to detain persons tied to gang-related activity for 72 hours.

Under the Emergency Powers Regulations 2011, which were published yesterday, police may stop and search persons on the street and enter premises without warrants.

TT Defence Force Hotline for State of Emergency: 634-3221।

08 July, 2011

World’s Newest Nation-State

At midnight tonight, the world’s newest independent nation-state will be born. The Republic of South Sudan, with a population of over 8 million, will be immediately recognized by the UN as the world’s 193rd state.

Since oil has been found, donor nations have been tripping over each other to ‘help’ the fledgling state. President Salva Kiir Mayardit has accepted assistance from the UN and about a dozen nations (many of which are angling to win lucrative developmental contracts).

South Sudan is roughly the size of France, but has about 500 doctors, 100 miles of paved roads, 20% literacy, 140,000 troops (with an additional 7,000 UN peacekeepers) and almost no infrastructure.

Some cynical analysts have already stated it has many elements of a failed state.

One good thing is apparent though. It seems (at least part of) the citizenry may be armed. There are reports of 1 million small arms in the hands of citizens. If this is true, then that should help to check most governmental excesses, especially if there are any tyrannical ambitions.

AirGunsTT congratulates the people of South Sudan on their hard fought independence, and wishes the newest nation-state of the world massive success. Freedom, peace and rain.

28 February, 2011

Hunting season closes today

The hunting season closes today. All hunters have until end of March to turn in mandatory forms to the Wildlife Division. Failure to do so can result in a fine or you may be hauled before a Magistrate.


Chicken prices have been temporarily reduced by 12.57% at the biggest dealers. This is at least until March 8th. Stock up now. It can stay frozen until after the Lenten season.

19 February, 2011

Norris Deonarine found dead

The Research Officer of the National Foodcrop Farmers Association has been found dead.

Norris Deonarine was regarded as a farmers’ champion, taking up their cause and challenging governments on agricultural policies. An advocate of national food security, Deonarine he urged the nation to better understand the role food production -- especially farming – played in their daily lives.

He was recently appointed to the board of the Agricultural Development Bank.

10 February, 2011

Pistol shooter is TnT Sportsman of the Year

Corporal Roger Daniel, 2010 Sportsman of the Year

Congratulations to Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Corporal Roger Daniel on being named 2010 Sportsman of the Year। AirgunsTT is delighted that a pistol shooter has created history by being the first shooter (and an airgunner at that!) to win this august award.

Showing his characteristic humility, Daniel immediately dedicated the award to his mentor and first shooting coach, Lloyd Henry. This underscores our position that shooting sports are appropriate for our nation’s youth। Shooting sports teach life skills—discipline, responsibility, the rewards of hard work, self-control and respect for others.

Well done Corporal Roger Daniel, and rest in peace Lloyd Henry; your protégé has done you proud, yet again.

31 January, 2011

New shotgun slug

The Hexolit 32

Not airgun related, but a revolutionary, new shotgun slug that almost guarantees immediate stopping of prey, bad guys। Shotgun hunters should have fun experimenting with it.

A slug with an extremely enormous impact effect. When hitting the body, the frontal part of the slug instantly increases from 18.5 to 36-38 mm in diameter – this is the largest slug expansion diameter ever known. It creates an entrance hole with a 3.5 cm diameter, hits powerfully with all its expansion area and disintegrates into six symmetric splinters. The splinter cone causes an extensive area of damage. The unified effect of a hydrodynamic and pneumatic shockwave inside the body, along with splinter damage, ensures an unique instant stopping effect with the Hexolit 32 slug, which provides good results even with imperfect hits.”

09 January, 2011

“Food prices will definitely increase this year.”

“Food prices will definitely increase this year।”-Greig Laughlin, president of the T&T Manufactures’ Association (TTMA).

This morning I paid $120 for 30 lbs of food (fruit and veg) at the market.

So at $4/lb x 52 weeks, my family will eat 1,560 lbs of fruit and veg at a cost of $6240 in 2011. All things being equal. Since food is the most volatile of the consumables used to measure inflation, and 2007/8 saw food price increases of 25-40%, then that $6240 can increase to $7800 or even $8736!

Growing food is no longer an option, it is imperative। My goal is to grow and harvest 312 lbs (20% of 1560) of food from our garden this year. I’ll have to buy a kitchen scale and weigh all harvests. Tomatoes, cassava and pumpkin should provide the bulk, followed by corn, peas and melongene. Assorted fruit, veg and herbs will round it off.

After my first harvest of peas, I noticed the “$10/lb” sign at the market and silently chuckled।

A happy and health new year to all readers।

26 December, 2010

Health, wealth, 200 countries, 200 years

A most interesting simplified presentation of history of world health and food, encompassing 200 countries in 200 years, compressed into less than five minutes.

25 December, 2010

Colombian village swallowed by the earth

"Gramalote is a Colombian municipality and town located in the department of North Santander। Currently, the complete destruction of the town is considered imminent due to massive mudslides brought about by unprecedented flooding that most of Colombia has undergone.

Its average temperature is 23 °C and its height of 1040 meters above sea level। Prior to the 2010 Colombian floods it had a population of 7853 inhabitants. It was founded twice, the second time in 1857 to less than one kilometer from the first 1883."

2011 is said to have more severe weather in store for us in T&T। Harsher dry season, followed by flooding. Could we lose – not just the odd house-built-near-a-river-or-precipice – but an entire village? Or two? Devil’s Woodyard in Princes Town, perhaps?

When your neighbour house on fire…

19 December, 2010

Venezuela to host Iran missiles?

Anna Mahjar-Barducci reports that Iran will place medium-range missiles in Venezuela under a November 2010 agreement between the two countries। The report states that the missiles can reach the USA।

If this is true, then we in Trinidad and Tobago need to develop a strategic plan to deal with any possible war scenarios between those three countries। After all, we are only eight miles off the coast of Venezuela! If US warships (or military bases in Colombia) lob missiles intended for Venezuela and said missiles veer off course by 10 miles in an easterly direction…

Venezuelan assets are not all inland either. Some targeted Venezuelan assets can be oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Paria. T&T and Venezuela also has a recently signed energy-sharing agreement

One would hope that the Ministry of National Security has a well-refined plan to deal with this new threat to our nation’s interest, wellbeing and survival.

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