25 January, 2009

AirgunsTT featured on American Voice Radio Network

Friday night we were featured on ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ at American Voice Radio Network.
Joel the K did a great job of introducing AirgunsTT to his audience.

He started by doing a brief history of T&T and its geography, then read a couple of the longer posts and elaborated a little on resilient communities. While disagreeing with the idea of mandatory national service, he confessed that he had no first-hand experience with our way of life and was empathetic to our cultural differences and the context of the post.

Mentioning illegitimate groups that have access to illegal guns, he also touches on our family’s preparations and emergency bug out locations. Reiterating the many benefits of shooting sports, the author of Patriots Cave was amazingly thorough in his preparations (being a prepper develops certain good habits). He did his research so well that I could not believe it was our little blog he was featuring. It sounds so strange when someone else is critiquing your labour of love.

Joel you are performing an invaluable community service and may even be enhancing diplomatic relations between our respective countries . Whether you know it or not, you are earning major karmic points. AirgunsTT thanks you sincerely and look forward to listening to your weekly program.

The program repeats Monday morning at 6am, for those who missed it and interested. It streams on the internet at http://www.theamericanvoice.com/

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  1. Thank you for those kind words my friend. My only regret about the broadcast is that I failed to mention the stunning beauty of your islands. And that Trinidad-Tobago is a magnificent destination for vacation, adventure, and Carnival'. I think I will casually slide that statement into my next broadcast, I'll lead up to it by telling the listeners that I received a warm invitation to visit T-T. I admire your writing style, command of vocabulary, attention to detail, and most of all your heart-felt loyalty to family and country. God bless you Trinni.


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