06 January, 2009

Goals, expectations, preps

My 2009 goal list has almost 40 items. No halfway measures. Think big, move fast, have fun. Managed to tick one off the list in the first week, and the feeling was rewarding. Only thirtysomething more to go…

The final figure will be much more, as some goals require smaller sub-goals to be accomplished.

2009 is expected to be one of great changes, loaded with opportunities (and risks).

Got a few sachets of silica gel, and immediately put them to use in the gun case, ammo stash and camera bag. Another knife was put in the BOB. Rotated some bleach. Must get that sodium hypochlorite. It’d save me the too-often two-month bleach rotation.

Added a splash-proof disposable camera, film pre-loaded. Received a how-to suturing PDF from another prepper blogger, at http://personaldisasterplanning.blogspot.com/. Thanks Preparedwarrior! Welcome to our blogroll.

Now to get the forceps, scissors, needle drivers, needles, thread, N95 surgical masks, more gloves and more ‘bandaids’.

- Trini Funshooter

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