27 January, 2009

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Asst Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams
Our club now has a logo, rubber stamp, blog and bank account. Now to complete the other tasks, so we can accept new members.

Newsprint reel ends, pencils, canned foods and wines. Wines store for years and are multipurpose. Drink, use in cooking, baking or for barter and trade. Other alcohol can be used to clean wounds, as fuel or to start a quick fire. Its value increases rapidly and significantly during an extended emergency. One may be able to barter or trade for items that previously held dollar values of 20 to 100x the dollar value of the alcohol. This is not wishful thinking, as history has shown us the empirical evidence.

The Goddess went to a police station regarding her gun documents. If all goes according to plan, she should have her own gun by end of year. Another gun in the family. Yay! More guns, more fun, less crime.

Dave got 11 more iguanas in one hunt, recently.

“Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams says the T&T Police Service has failed in some of its crime reduction strategies.
Williams said the TTPS “have had some crime reduction strategies that have failed over time.” The failure was made evident by the growing homicide rate, he said.

• In 1999, Williams said, there were 93 recorded murders
• In 2007, 391 people were killed,
• 2008 recorded the highest in history— 544 killings

Just back from a crime prevention forum in Jamaica, Williams said there was one common challenge that confronted the region—violent crimes. “Violent crimes is sweeping the entire Caribbean and “organisations like ours are almost at a loss on how to take charge of the situation.””

A possible simple solution, Assistant Commissioner: Allow the law-abiding citizens to arm themselves.

Give us a fighting chance to defend against the violent criminals in our midst (that your officers cannot seem to apprehend and therefore violate a number of the Peelian Police Principles). Our ability to defend our lives, loved ones and property, with lethal force, if necessary; and with the confidence that law enforcement officers will not prosecute persons who exercise this universal right, the police can then return to a state when they had the full approval of the public. Of course some laws may have to be changed.
- Trini Funshooter

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