01 October, 2009

Hunting season opens today

Today, October 1 is the official opening of the hunting season. Season closes February 28, 2010.

Safe hunting, have fun and good luck to all hunters.

A few quick reminders:

Agouti, deer, lappe, tatou, wild hog, lizards (iguana, matte, caiman), cage birds and waterfowl cab be hunted. Waterfowl can only be hunted from Nov 1 – Feb 28.

Protected species: monkey, ocelot, anteater, scarlet ibis, pelican.

No hunting in game sanctuaries.

Hunting in forest reserves only 5:30am – 7:30pm.

No artificial lights while hunting in forest reserves.

Every member of a hunting party must possess a state game licence.

Read Chap 67:01, Conservation of Wildlife Act (1963).

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