07 October, 2009

Foreigners granted more gun licenses than locals

- National Security Minister Martin Joseph in the Senate yesterday in response to a question filed by Opposition Senator Lyndira Oudit.

These figures are a disgusting indictment on government crime prevention policy. So far, we have had over 400 murders this year. With almost 42,000 firearms applications, just over 2,000 were granted. Which means 40,000 persons who undertook the onerous steps to apply, have been refused the opportunity to own a firearm.

Yet, each successive Police Commissioner has appealed for co-operation from the public in fighting ever-escalating crime levels. Co-operation is a two-way street. We, average law-abiding citizens, would like to answer the call for help from the Police Commissioner, but must we confront armed criminals empty-handed? We need “teeth”, not just lip service. Teeth, in the form of guns.

We missed out on 40,000 opportunities to confront the crime menace in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, places of worship and recreation. If criminals know that there are only 2,000 firearms holders (granted, between 2002-2008), then this emboldens them. If they were treated to the news that there are 42,000 new firearms owners, then it would certainly give them pause. Perhaps it may even encourage them to seek other vocations.

A nation of 1.3 million, yet only 2,000 Firearms User’s Licenses (FUL) granted in an eight-year period. Shame. Of the 215 people granted firearm users licences this year, 144, or 67% are foreigners! This is insane! Two thirds of FULs granted are to foreigners! What does that mean with regard to patriotism? I doubt that any developed country will grant foreigners 67% of gun ownership versus 33% local. No mainstream media has yet picked up on this.

On a related issue, the police must treat legit gun owners with respect, not envy. Don’t envy a man (or woman) just because they are allowed to carry a gun in their private lives and you aren’t. There are numerous stories circulating amongst gun owners of police officers hatching plots to have the gun owner stripped of his/her weapon. Stories circulate of really elaborate plots, some even involving station serjeants.


Camp Ogden is the TT Defence Force Headquarters (Regiment) of the First Battalion. 

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