20 October, 2009

Prisoner killed in front court; police flee

A prisoner was shot to death while being escorted by two police officers from court, yesterday. Sounds more like Colombia than Trinidad and Tobago. The two killers were highly motivated and confident, as the heavy police presence at the court didn’t deter them.

Garcia had no chance to defend himself, and no one to defend him.
The police constables escorting him to the police station next door released their prisoner and ran after the first gunshot.

The policemen who responded to the shooting came long after the suspects were gone.”

“The killers used Uzi submachine guns. They fired on the police station before leaving. And despite a response that involved multiple search teams, tracker dogs, road blocks, and a helicopter hunt, the suspects vanished.”

And you thought the police were here “TO PROTECT and serve with pride”. If an accused person, in police custody, is not secure, then what about the rest of the population? It seems everyone’s fair game for the predators.

It would be interesting to see what this event does to public/police mistrust.

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