25 November, 2009

Another air rifle at home

So The Goddess got a new air rifle. Her father also bought her an expensive new set of equipment for her work. Is he competing with me? If so, his pockets are deeper than mine, so he’s won.

Now there’s another airgun in the house. The more the merrier. Can’t wait for my children to come of age so they can have their own as well. New Zealand allows 16-year-olds to own airguns with a parent’s permission.

Incidentally, one of the best ways to ensure children don’t handle illegal guns is to allow them to grow up around guns. Just as in the case of maths, if their introduction to guns is fun rather than traumatic, then you’ll have a responsible shooting enthusiast, maybe for life. Ensure safety first, by teaching The 4 Universal Gun Safety Rules.


  1. ...HappyTurkeyDay Trini...is yer new shooter like the pic in the post ???
    ...sweeeeet !...details,details,details ?

    ...congrats to "The Goddess"...ya know,is proven fact that,females are better shots,than males...lol

  2. Thanks Ken. Unfortunately the new shooter isn't the one pictured. You're right, on the local range, a number of the ladies out-shoot most of the men.

    I'll give details in subsequent posts.

  3. Congrats Trinni. I am happy for The Goddess.

  4. where can i get co2 cartridges to buy

  5. Replies
    1. Yes I too would like to know. Where in trinidad can I buy co2 cartridges?

      Can anybody answer this question


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