13 November, 2009

New shipment of air rifles

The 10-shot Hatsan AT44S-10, now in T&T.

A new shipment of eight different models of Hatsan air rifles are in town. Six are springers, and two are pre-charged pneumatics (PCPs). The PCPs are a single shot and a 10-shot, the AT44S-10. Better to buy the pump and a diving tank if you get a PCP.

The air rifles are available at Agostini’s in Port of Spain. They range in price from $1783 to $7360. No replacement parts or scopes are available yet though. Although the dealer said some parts are on order.

If you need a good reliable airgunsmith, then check Gregory Clement (details at top right hand corner). 


  1. Man, is that US dollars ?? I sure hope not, for your sake.

  2. Bullseye, these are quoted in Trinidad & Tobago dollars. The present exchange rate is US$1 = TT$6.30. Even at that exchange rate, the rifles are still fairly expensive. But we have little choice...

  3. ...1000+ fps,whew,what caliber pellet ?...

    ...long time no type Brother,hope yours is well in T&T

  4. I would like to know what is the best single shot air rifle i can buy in trinidad and where. Rico

  5. Anon, there is no "best single shot air rifle". It all depends on your needs.

  6. permits say .177 smooth bore but all barrels are rifled. whats up

  7. Where in Trinidad can i get a good/powerful air rifle/pillet gun to buy at d best price?

  8. where u gys located?

  9. where can i get an air rifle liscence to purchase a rifle online without having to be a customer at one of the stores?

    1. I'm not sure about the local police station but you can get a form at the central police admin building in POS


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