30 November, 2009

Health Centres unprepared

A visit to a local health lasted just two minutes recently, as the power had gone for over an hour. The two doctors on duty left the building, leaving behind a number of pregnant women and nursing and administrative staff.

The interior of the building was bright and airy, with cross winds and plenty ventilation. They even had a second weight scale that required no power. So doctors could still have seen patients, albeit with limited tools.

But the two doctors on duty left within minutes of the power loss. Not to head to another health centre where their skills were badly needed, but on their own personal affairs.

Should this have been a large-scale disruption, with other complications (major earthquake, tsunami, civil war, terrorist attack, major jailbreak, Honduran/Venezuelan armed conflict, take your pick) thrown in to the mix, one can just imagine the ensuing chaos, confusion and anger.

Professor Courtnay Bartholomew in his weekly column ‘Science Report’ often points out the lack of patriotism and integrity some doctors display in their daily professional lives. He lays part of the blame for this at the feet of the School of Medicine, University of the West Indies, and the process involved in accepting medical students.


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  1. Some doctors do not live up to their oath or the title of their profession. God bless those that do.


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