06 February, 2010

Air rifle: The Quigley V5

The Quigley V5
Imagine an air rifle that is totally self-contained, requiring no external power source. It never needs ‘breaking’, filling from a Scuba tank nor replacing bottles of CO2. Now imagine this rifle is also more powerful than most factory manufactured. Imagine it comes in pump action, and performance improves with use. Imagine your petite 120 lb sister can both pump and shoot it with ease.

The inventor of the Quigley Version 5 makes all these claims. Unfortunately for T&T airgunners, the Q5 only comes in caliber .22. However, work has already started on a .177 version called the “Joshua”.

Now if only we can convince the inventor to produce one with a smoothbore barrel.


  1. What's the capacity of rounds on this rifle? If it's a multi-shot, it would definitely be worth the price.

  2. http://www.fullyautomaticairgun.com/

    Check that out. Seems pretty interesting. I think the closest pellet gun to this would be the FX Revolution.


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