02 February, 2010

Water rationing; thieves; school pigeons; police ambushed

Photo: Newsday
WASA begins water rationing throughout the nation from midnight tonight. So stock up, however you can. It may be a good idea to leave the power blasting until normal service has resumed.

Thieves stole “more than $8,000, 15 cellular phones, gold jewelry, watches, cameras, clothes and identification cards…” from cars parked at the popular Maracas Beach.

Pigeons have infested Marabella North Secondary School, prompting teachers to leave the premises. Perhaps some South-based airgunners can help reduce the pigeon population there. Good practice and you’d be helping your community.

Stolen Vehicles Squad police officers were ambushed by alleged drug-dealers in Sea Lots. The officers were forced to make a hasty exit from their vehicle while returning fire. 

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