27 February, 2010

Police officer shot

Special Branch officers provide close protection to local and foreign dignitaries while on T&T soil.

A police officer was shot during an attempted robbery, last night in Trincity.  The young officer, who is attached to the Special Branch, was in the company of a few friends outside a house in Trincity, when a man approached them. The man drew a handgun and demanded the laptop computer of one member of the group.

The officer challenged the bandit, who then fired first, wounding the officer. Displaying excellent marksmanship, the officer fired five times, with all five shots on target. The bandit died on the spot. Surely he must have known that “the wages of sin is death”.

Unfortunately, even after doing his duty, this courageous officer had a long painful delay at the Mt Hope Hospital. Doctors kept him waiting several hours before attending to him. Even after calls from senior law enforcement and national security officials to the hospital.

The highly-trained operator was described by witnesses as “a bodybuilder type”. Muscular mass can often make the difference between life or death. As it is, our friendly, neigbourhood law enforcement hero narrowly escaped with what has been described by witnesses as “a flesh wound”. He is resting comfortably in stable condition.

We thank the young officer for his quick thinking, decision-making and courageous action, and wish him a speedy recovery. We hope the service provides him, and his family with the necessary support at this challenging period in his life.

The residents of Trincity should visit (taking tokens of appreciation) this  model officer, who displayed such heroic behaviour. He is truly an example of Trinidad and Tobago’s finest.

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