27 February, 2009

Another Citizen Defends Self

Another citizen has defended himself against an armed criminal. This time the robber was shot to death with his own gun, in the Snake Valley area of Laventille.


A friend who works in the health care sector brought me some ibruprofen, eye drops and antacid. I was very grateful and immediately stashed them away. Got a new thermometer too. Cleaned out the closet set aside for emergency supplies, and rearranged everything. It’s now a little easier to access preps for rotation.

It is a dangerous idea to put your family’s survival at risk by assuming you can eat someone else’s food in an emergency. The only food you can count on is what you have stored away. During emergencies, most people are reluctant to share the little they have. Don’t count on charity.


The hunting season closes today. Chap 67:01 Conservation of Wildlife Act. Congratulations to all successful hunters during this past season, hoping you had fun. Poachers will, of course, ignore this friendly reminder. Don’t forget to turn in your mandatory forms to the Wildlife Division. Failure to do so can result in a fine of $200 or you can find yourself in front of a Magistrate.

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