19 February, 2009

Farmer Defends Self

As citizens become aware of their duty to protect themselves, loved ones and property, along with the realization that the police are incapable of PREVENTING crime, we may see a surge in self-defence shootings like this one, reported in the Guardian:

“Cocoa farmer shoots robber A cocoa farmer shot and killed a man yesterday morning after he attempted to rob his warehouse in Turere Village. Sheldon Brandon Jack, of Turere Village, succumbed to his injuries at the Sangre Grande Hospital. Police said a 64-year-old cocoa and coffee farmer was confronted by a robber who broke into his warehouse. The farmer shot him a report said. Jack was rushed to the hospital, where he died. Insp Roy, Sgt Paul, and a party of officers from the Sangre Grande Police Station responded. The farmer told police he had been robbed numerous times recently and decided to stay in the warehouse. The police confiscated the farmer’s firearm after the incident. Cpl Christopher Fuentes, of the Sangre Grande Police Station, is continuing investigations.”

Signaling to all and sundry that the farmer is now unarmed, is probably not a good move by the reporter and indicates a lack training or a lack of compassion, and irresponsibility. Now the dead criminal’s friends can exact revenge with impunity, or other opportunistic criminals can complete the job without fear.

If the Police Commissioner truly wants to significantly lower the crime rate, then formulating and implementing policy that does not automatically disarm the victim will be crucial in that regard. In fact, if a legally armed crime victim shoots an attacker with a shotgun, then that person should be allowed to immediately purchase a handgun, as his/her life may now be in danger from reprisal from the criminal’s cohort/gang.

What does the police gain from giving that vital piece of information to the reporter? What does the public gain from knowing the victim is now unarmed? Cui bono? To whose benefit? Only the criminals benefit from that info.

Just as the media association asked their members to refrain from reporting the names of the poisons ingested by suicide victims, so too, they can ask editors and reporters to desist from publishing the (seemingly automatic) disarming of crime victims involved in a shooting.

At least the Express didn’t publish that little vital detail in its report.

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  1. Trinni its happening here in the USA now. The Iowa National Guard will violate our constitution and commence firearms confiscation drills in Iowa towns. They are setting up roadblocks, patrolling the streets, and will have Blackhawk helicopter air support. They are preparing to attempt a disarmament of the citizenry in direct viloation of our Bill Of Rights. Our Government has been overran by money-changers and eugenicists. I believe we are on the verge of the times of Trouble. God be with us my friend.


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