11 February, 2009

Preps storage

After rotating some canned foods recently, I observed the following:

1. There are now several boxes, bags and buckets of preps.
2. Even though there’s a computerized inventory, finding one item at the bottom of a bucket involves effort.
3. Having to move boxes, bags and buckets is no fun.
4. There’s a need for a better system, especially for rotation.

I’d welcome any low-cost ideas that doesn’t involve major upheaval.


The hunting season closes on 28 February. Remember to fill out your mandatory forms to return to the Wildlife Division. Failure to do so can result in a fine of $200 or you can be taken to court.

The East St George Hunters Group family day will be on 28 March, 1-6pm at the George Boyce Recreation Ground, Arima Old Road.

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