05 February, 2009

TT Customs and Excise breaching airport security?

Are TT Customs & Excise officers breaching security at Piarco International Airport? According to this story in the Express, two TTCE officers and a female civilian abducted an Airports Authority Security Force officer from his post, bundled him into a marked TTCE van, beat him and took him to a TTCE office where he was beaten some more. He was eventually rescued by his colleagues and taken to hospital where he was treated and discharged. A senior manager at the airport called the abductors “rogue elements” in the service. Read full story here.

Rotated some canned foods out of the preps today noticed a weevil crawling around. Searched and found the source: two bags of lentils and yellow split peas. Rather than toss them out, I soaked them in water, and will boil and freeze them. No wastage. Need to find a way to kill the eggs before storing. Heard of the efficacy of diatomaceous earth, but not sure that it is available locally. Seeking local solutions for local problems. If anyone has ideas, I’m willing to listen.

One should not live on canned foods alone, so acquiring fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables is imperative during a long emergency or extended grid-down situation. This is where the importance of a kitchen garden becomes apparent. This brings us to the necessity of seed storage, tools, fertilizer, etc. But all the gardening and farming preparations in the world is useless without skills and experience. Waiting until an emergency to begin growing food will probably ensure starvation. Practice now. Learn what works and what doesn’t.


  1. The thing you have to make sure of is that the diatomaceous earth is of food grade quality, otherwise it should not be used in the house or around pets and plants alike. It is very hard to find food grade quality locally. Garden Harvest Supply is a good online resource for diatomaceous earth. http://www.gardenharvestsupply.com/category/buy-food-grade-diatomaceous-earth-from-garden-harvest-supply

  2. Thanks LeatherneckJoe. I'll visit the link.


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