05 May, 2009

Aggressive owl

A friend visited me early Sunday morning asking for help with a wildlife problem. An owl attacked his family members three times in as many days. The attack on his wife left a small laceration on her head.

On arrival at his home, the owl was well camouflaged in a nearby mango tree, observing us. Because of the direction of the shot, I decided to chase it out of the tree with stones. It flew away. A one hour wait, and still no owl. When I returned home, I got a call that the owl had returned. I could not, at least not at that moment.

The next morning I woke my shooting partner, Dave, and we headed over to my friends home to exterminate the owl. Again, the predator flew away. This time I decided not to wait. As we were exiting the gate, my friend’s wife shouted that the owl was back. This time on the plum tree, to the back of the house. Without hesitation, Dave shot the owl dead. It was brown and grey. No pics to share though. After some online research, it appears that it is the Ferruginous Pygmy-owl (Glaucidium brasilianum).


  1. John Gioannetti PhotographyJuly 14, 2009 at 8:23 PM

    You did not have to kill the poor OWL

    Typical Trini

  2. John
    The owl was a danger to the family it attacked. The woman was almost hysterical, after nearly having her eyes plucked out. She still has the scar.

    Would you prefer that this family lived in continuous fear?

    1. anything that could do harm to my family i will shoot it !!!


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