28 May, 2009

Welcome new airgunners

Welcome to the new airgunner, AB, who bought the Weihrauch HW 90, that was advertised on this blog a few days ago. Congratulations on your new purchase and hopefully you will have many years of fun shooting it. The previous owner needed to sell the rifle quickly, so he can have an MRI scan done, followed by back surgery. He is in constant pain, and his job involves daily driving. The sale ensures that he has his money to pay-at least part of-his medical bills.

To the three new airgunners who have recently received their licenses, congratulations and welcome to the world of airgunning. If anyone out there wants to sell their used air rifles, there are three new shooters in the market looking for deals. I’d be happy to place more ads for air rifles or pistols.

Sgt Gregory Clement (ret), master technician, licensed gunsmith and retired armourer of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, is well-known among competitive shooters, as he has successfully represented our country on a number of occasions in fullbore (7.62) rifle at Bisley in the UK. After winning the 1993 Trinidad Rifle Association National Championships, he was nominated by the TRA as the 1994 Sportsman of The Year. Welcome Sgt Clement to AirgunsTT.

Hopefully Sgt Clement will allow us to publish a profile on the highlights of his career sometime. It will take some urging though, as he is an unassuming man, preferring privacy to publicity.

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