20 May, 2009

Police corporal denied gun licence; sues State

Top:Oleg Volk

A police corporal has sued the state after being denied a Firearm User’s License by the police commissioner. Since March 2008, there is no appointed Firearm Appeal Board. Attorney Anand Ramlogan is representing the officer.

If a police corporal is trusted with a state-owned gun, which he was allowed to take home, then why isn’t he trusted with his own gun? Time to scrap these arcane, colonial-era laws and practices. These laws and practices do not serve the citizens, but rather make us prey to the bandits who never observe these laws anyway, and have no difficulty getting illegal guns.

In the government’s ongoing headhunt for a new police commissioner, one hopes that the new person is not an anti-gunner, like some previous office holders.

To the aggrieved corporal, we urge you to apply for an air rifle permit (it takes less than three weeks), and perhaps buy this 12-shot FX Revolution-pictured above-that’s sold in-country. Contact me via e-mail and I’ll tell you where.


  1. Trinni this FX Revolution is in a class by itself! Wow! I was unaware of such capabilities in an airgun. Let me review this in my mind: with this FX Rev, an airgunner could place 12 .22 cal pellets on target at nearly 1000 fps muzzle velocity in roughly 5 seconds. A criminal or bandit would not be in very good health were he to face such awesome airgun firepower. What a beautiful airgun. Talk to you later Trinni.

  2. I fine dis is rel stupidness...sue de damn state....its not like ur a random person...ur a sworn national police officer


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