19 May, 2009

Daylight rape in San Fernando cemetery

Photos: Oleg Volk

A woman was raped in a San Fernando cemetery, at 2 in the afternoon, even though CCTV cameras were recently installed there. The Express has the story:

Police said the Princes Town woman was seated on a tombstone next to a male relative around 2 p.m. on Sunday when a man walked up to them with a cutlass. The relative ran through some bushes and escaped. The woman was thrown on the ground by the man, who placed the cutlass to her throat and forced her to have sexual intercourse. He then calmly climbed over a broken fence and walked away. The woman made her way to the San Fernando Police Station, where her relative was reporting the incident. She was treated at the San Fernando General Hospital. Paradise Cemetery was among several places in San Fernando outfitted with close circuit cameras.

The police, instead of promptly jumping into a vehicle and getting to the scene of the crime-in-progress, waste time by having this man lodge a report. The woman was raped, and had enough time to walk to the police station (with report still being taken). This is more proof that police do not prevent crime. They investigate, after the act.

Citizens, we have a duty to protect ourselves and loved ones. Do not depend on the police for your security of person or property. You may lose both.


  1. What a great relative who just runs aways and leaves the woman to her fate!


  2. Its true though that had the police immediately acted upon the relative's alarm and panic, they would have reached the scene in time to stop the rape and arrest the rapist.


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