07 December, 2009

The 10-shot Hatsan AT44S-10

A beautiful rifle and a dream to shoot.  Because Pre-Charged Pneumatics are built on an entirely different platform to spring-loaded air rifles, there is no recoil. Since I’ve been shooting ‘springers’ for a number of years, a PCP takes getting used to. Bracing for the recoil, it’s almost anticlimactic when there is none.

I’ll do a proper review on the gun soon, but in the meanwhile I have a question:
Is the Hatsan At44S-10 the same gun as the Air Venturi Halestorm? The photos of the Halestorm on Tom Gaylord’s blog bears an uncanny resemblance to the AT44S-10. If anyone has the answer to that question, please email this blog, airgunstt AT gmail.com.

If any local readers are thinking of getting this gun, then move quickly, as it appears as though they may be sold out by year’s end or even before. 

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