28 July, 2009

The 7 Skills that overcome The 7 Enemies of Life

Found this at http://survivormagazine.blogspot.com :

“We become mentally prepared when we are able to use the 7 Skills to defeat the 7 Enemies of Life.

The 7 Skills:

Fire Starting
Water Procurement
Shelter Building
Foraging for food
First Aid
Self Defense

The 7 Enemies of Life:

Fear and anxiety
Cold and Heat
Boredom and Loneliness
Pain and Injury

In essence, we develop self confidence by mastering the skills needed to overcome any situation that arises to threaten our life.

Always remember, none of us will be ultimate survivors - we all have to die one day.
But the successful survivor extends his or her life beyond an earlier death...a death that was caused by ignorance of how to make that life last longer.”

Useful info.

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