02 July, 2009

SEA, CSM, Pellets

Congratulations to all the students who did well in the 2009 Secondary Entrance Assessment exams. Parents, now is the time to enroll your boys in the TT Cadet Force. A 99 year old institution that helps boys develop their discipline and leadership qualities during their restless, testosterone-filled years. Now that the Defense Force has a functioning Air Guard, there is a program underway to develop Cadets for the Air Guard.


So Caribbean Steel Mills is to cease operations and send home 85 employees. Back in September 2008, this blog suggested that, “…the local iron and steel industry can look at producing (airgun) pellets for local and regional markets.”

Is it too late? Maybe not. I urge CSM Executive Chairman, Janice Bain-Mottley to recapture her father’s entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, and look again. There is a large market of airgunners throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Think big. Move fast. Have fun.

No need to stop at airgunners. Venezuela recently bought 100,000 AK103 assault rifles from Russia. Our own TT Defense Force made recent arms purchases as well. What about manufacturing the parts that are prone to break easily and often? What about ammunition, magazines, barrels? Why should we constantly be dependent on foreign nations for our national defense needs?


  1. I like how you think Trinni. It's a "can-do" stick to it attitude. I respect that. It's a fine post, with solutions instead of just more questions. Well done.

  2. Thanks Joel. Most times when I ask questions, it's meant to provoke critical thinking. I may not have solutions all the time, but if I ask the right questions, then someone more intelligent than I may have solutions.

    Thanks again for your comments.

  3. as a parent of one of these recent SEA graduants who is entering the Cadet Force I am thankful to know that there are others who see it as an excellent outlet for boys to develop their discipline and leadership qualities during their restless, testosterone-filled years.

    I also have a friend who is part of the Air Guard.

    thanks to the guardian for my finding you ;)


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