13 July, 2009

Airgunner needs help

Remember the airgunner who had to sell his rifle to afford a medical procedure on his back? It was sold through this blog about a month ago. Well, he’s undergoing an eight-hour back surgery today.

Please remember John in your prayers. He is a really pleasant guy, a single parent, and drives for a living. Now he wouldn’t be able to drive for several months. He needs a hand up.

Anyone who wishes to make any kind of contribution to John, can do so at Gregory Clement, Gunsmith, upstairs Bhaggan’s Drugs, Arima. His number is 294-6145.


  1. ...thoughts and prayers to John and his family...

  2. Prayers coming from here too. I have 7 of those discs ruptured and know that pain involved. Had the 2 in my meck fused a few years ago and it helped a lot. God be with him. Please keep us updated on his situation.

    Code Name "Bullseye"


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