05 July, 2009

Stockpile airgun pellets now

After checking pellet prices locally and abroad, it looks as though our local prices are competitive. This may soon change, as local airgun dealers place new orders. It may be that the local prices are competitive because the dealers buy infrequently and in bulk. Therefore the present prices reflect ‘old stock’.

Buying and stockpiling airgun pellets is a good idea, even if the prices aren’t going to increase in the near future. They are relatively cheap--and more importantly--available. Having a number of tins in your stockpile helps ensure security. If the dealers ran out of supplies for weeks or months-on-end, you won’t be caught unprepared. You’d still be able to practice, eradicate pest, hunt small game, and, if the situation required it, defend your home (with a little help). Tins containing 500 generally cost between $75-$200. One unscrupulous dealer in Arima, sells a tin of 10.5 grain Baracuda pellets for $300! The same pellets are sold in Chaguanas for $125.

Recently, someone told me about his visit to a dealer’s store, located at a popular mall in the west. The dealer was selling pellets with no information (on the tin) about the grain (weight). This is just one of the challenges that airgunners in Trinidad and Tobago encounter. When questioned, the staff usually give no satisfactory answers. Or they simply lie, to ‘save face’.

As airgunners, we should share information with each other. The free flow of information will help us to avoid expensive pitfalls and encourage new shooters to join this fun hobby. And it is fun. I have witnessed rabid anti-gunners giggle like schoolgirls the first time they took up an invitation to shoot an airgun. Many have gone on to become airgunners.

Stockpile now. Avoid the rush.


  1. ...hey Trini...long time no type,just caught up on the posts...good reads brother,you just keep fightin' the good fight down there...watch yer six...

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ken. Sorry to read of what's happened to your old neighbourhood.


  3. ...no need for sorrow Trini,the man upstairs has a plan,for me as well as those poor saps up north...got me out of the city,and back in the 'sticks'...i wouldn't change a thing brother...

  4. Trinni I am confused. You say a tin of pellets costs $75? What does that convert to in U.S. dollars? The pellets here cost around eight dollars or so. For 500. You could spend 15-20 for the really fancy pellets. What is the currency used in T & T ? Thanks Trinni.


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