10 July, 2009

Police officer caught renting gun

Police Constable Curt Teesdale Photo: Newsday

A police officer with 20 years service has been caught in the act of renting out his gun. He is out on $125,000 bail, and is represented by attorney Anuusha Panday.

Constable Curt Teesdale, 43, of St Mary's Village, Moruga, attached to the Mon Repos Police Station. He faced three charges-misbehaviour in public office, the illegal transfer of a firearm and the illegal transfer of ammunition.

This officer’s misbehaviour has already cost tax-payers $28,400, for taunting and illegally arresting a gay man.


On the issue of ammo, there are rumours circulating about a possible pellet shortage. After a meeting with some airgunners recently, a picture emerged. Some dealers have expressed concern about the difficulties they are experiencing in clearing their pellets from the port. Inordinate delays and increased bureaucratic ‘red tape’ from Customs and Excise officials. When contacted, one dealer said he will no longer import pellets. A couple dealers couldn’t even give a time frame for when they will have new supplies, as they had run out.

Remember, the hunting season begins October 1st. Airgun hunters need specific types of pellets for hunting. This impending shortage, can drive up the price of pellets significantly, making airgunning much more expensive than it already is.

New airgunners can be daunted by this and choose cheaper, less rewarding hobbies. Let’s hope this really doesn’t become a shortage. But it would be prudent to plan for this scenario. Again, I suggest that you stockpile airgun pellets now.

If you wait till the price has doubled, you’d be sorry. Airgunners are in a better position than firearms owners, as there is no legal limit to the number of pellets we possess.

Firearms Users License (FUL) holders have a legal ammo limit of 50 shells (shotgun), with only 200 shells purchased, per year. Pistol owners have a legal possession limit of only 25 cartridges. Sport shooters (rifle, pistol) are not allowed to possess any ammunition; all ammo to be purchased and shot at an approved range.

Stockpile now, avoid the rush.

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