08 December, 2009

Emergency preparedness: Fairgrove, Cupertino

Cupertino Walk for Action Volunteers, inspected supplies in their emergency container, made sure residents in their area had received important emergency information, and that resident knew about the their emergency ARC location based at Hyde Middle School in Cupertino Sunday October 18, 2009. (Photo: Maria J. Avila/Mercury News)

Daily scouring the net can be a rewarding experience. One occasionally comes across some nuggets that makes you grab the family emergency plan off the fridge door, with a view to editing.

The city of Cupertino, in California recently activated and tested their emergency preparedness plans. Cupertino publishes its agenda, minutes and even videos of council meetings on its website.

The Silicon Valley Mercury News has a story on the exercise here. One particular neighbourhood was more prepared than others: the 15-block Fairgrove area. Fairgrove has 225 homeowners, while Cupertino has 52,000 residents.

It would be nice if the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management looked closely at Fairgrove’s preparation. The citizens were involved, and not treated as victims/consumers.

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