30 December, 2009

Public hospitals now unsecure

Image: Oleg Volk
In the past few days, patients have been attacked at two public hospitals, with doctors, patients and nurses having to scamper for their lives. Hospital security was no help.

In one incident at the Sangre Grande Hospital, a man was stabbed by a gang who entered the hospital unchallenged by security. Eleven security officers were on duty at the time.

In another incident, three young women (including two teens) stabbed a woman while she was awaiting medical care at the Port of Spain General Hospital. The three assailants were arrested and charged with attempted murder and placed on $5,000 bail each.

It seems we now have to defend ourselves and family members at the nations public health institutions, since the assigned security officers are unwilling, or unable. Expect a knee-jerk response from the health ministry (or the RHAs) disarming law-abiding visitors and patients, while leaving the armed criminals untouched.


  1. It seem like every time violence is committed, those that follow the law ultimately have their freedoms shrunk. In the mean time, the only ones we can truly depend on for our safety are ourselves.

    Great post.

  2. Thanks YDP. Nice looking dog there. Retriever?


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