28 December, 2009

SurvivalBlog reader recommends airgun practice

He got the idea from his brother who shoots airguns at home, indoors.

Firearms shooters are now waking up to truths airgunners were aware of decades ago. The cost factor aside, airguns are much quieter, and therefore can be shot indoors without disturbing the neighbours (unless you lived in a thin-walled apartment building). Also, it's just good fun, while building an important skill, that is easily transferable to firearms.

Try practicing with your favourite 9mm pistol at home, and see how quickly the Organised Crime Narcotics and Firearms Bureau (ONFCB) arrive at through your door. Our laws prohibit us from shooting a firearm "within forty metres of any public road" (16:01Firearms Act 11-1). Fortunately, no such prohibition extends to airguns.

Another plus is we aren’t forced to take our guns down to the T&T Forensics Science Centre and have its ballistic fingerprint taken, logged and placed in a database for other sovereign governments to access, over the internet, at will.

So, to all T&T firearms owners who are just waking up to the benefits of airguns, we say welcome aboard. It’s a fun journey.

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