18 December, 2009

Tamiflu concerns

Has TnT wasted $millions on an ineffective drug?

Tamiflu, once hailed as the best antiviral drug to combat the A/H1N1 virus is now being called ineffective. The drug is presently used by the ministry of health to both prevent swine flu and to treat those who fall ill.

The Atlantic magazine carries the story here, with a follow-up here.

Health Minister Jerry Narace has repeatedly extolled the virtues of Tamiflu, downplaying its well-documented—sometimes deadly—side effects.
There are 14 reported deaths in Japan linked to Tamiflu. Recently I was informed that the Health Ministry has established a new protocol and routinely vaccinates children with the drug. This, from a visit to a public health facility. I flat out refused the ‘offer’ for my child, and was told I would have to sign a document stating that I was offered but refused. This is more to exonerate officials in the event that something bad happens to the child.

It seems I was right to refuse. My child is in perfect health. Now I’m hearing of children who were vaccinated but experienced health complications after. One child reportedly lost the ability to walk. This has not been corroborated.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The BMJ is an international peer reviewed medical journal, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Medical Association.

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