05 June, 2009

Dutch Navy ship HNLMS Van Amstel in Trinidad

Below: HNLMS Van Amstel.
Top: The five hiking Dutch weapons engineers.

While driving through a rough neighbourhood today, observed five obviously foreign military men marching on the street. They appeared disciplined and their movement was in wedge formation (one-two-two).
After engaging them, I discovered they were from the Royal Netherlands Navy, the HNLMS Van Amstel, a Karel Doorman class Frigate that was in Operation Enduring Freedom, and also assisted in Hurricane Karina’s aftermath.

They were weapons engineers, and being adventurous types, simply kitted up for a tropical hike-water bladders and all-and disembarked, heading East. I advised them about the area, and they thanked me, turned around and returned to the direction of the ship, hopefully in another, safer, more picturesque direction.

Incidentally, the ship’s weapons are very impressive. See some of the weapons systems here.

AirgunsTT welcomes the Captain, officers and crew of the HNLMS Van Amstel to Trinidad and Tobago, and wishes them a safe journey when they depart on Monday.

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  1. How fortunate the good captain was to run into a good man like you Trinni. You are right, the weapons systems they carry onboard are most impressive.


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