12 June, 2009

Situational Awareness, Self preservation

Stacked gun safe

Citizens of this beautiful country have now become attuned to the facts of life called robberies and kidnappings. One need not be rich to become a victim. For example, the Sookoo family, although simple crop farmers, living in a wooden house, were attacked Tuesday night while returning home from church service at their Kingdom Hall in Cumana (they are Jehovah’s Witnesses).

Three gunmen, also armed with cutlasses (machetes) tortured the parents and their nine-year-old son, demanding money and a bank ATM card. After receiving the money, they still kidnapped the 30-year-old woman, threatening to kill her.

Situational Awareness
is defined as “the perception of environmental elements within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future.”
In other words, “what you need to know not to be surprised.”

Staying constantly and consistently aware of your surroundings, and the changes that occur within it, is vital to survival. Self defense experts always remind us that entering and exiting (homes, vehicles, buildings) are the most likely locations for attacks. For this reason, one should be extra vigilant at these potentially vulnerable points.

We know from experience that we cannot depend on the police service to protect us. Their resources are usually inadequate (“…no vehicles at this time ma’am…”, “…vehicles out on enquiries…”). Most times the officers react too slowly to stop a crime-in-progress.
Therefore the duty to protect ourselves, and loved ones, falls to us.

The USA has Castle Doctrine laws that permits a citizen to use force-even lethal force-to protect human life and property from an intruder. Isn’t it time those sworn to uphold (and create) our laws strike from our legal books, those unjust laws that were created by our former colonial masters, that makes us automatic suspects or criminals when we defend ourselves? Doesn’t the realities of our present crime situation dictate that we revise our laws?

The police cannot, or will not protect us.

Get prepared now, or risk death.

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  1. This is a very sad situation. One should be allowed by law to protect your life and your loved ones at all cost, your property too. Stay safe brother and always watch your back.

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