15 June, 2009

Farewell Sifu Thomas

Sifu Michael Thomas
(17 Dec 1958 – 10 Jun 2009) succumbed to an inherited illness last week Wednesday, and was buried on Friday. Sifu Thomas taught martial arts and self defence to hundreds of young people. More importantly, he taught discipline and brotherly love. He protected the weak and stood up to bullies all his life.

Many of his earlier students brought their own children to benefit from his patient instruction. A founding member of the WUSHU Association of Trinidad and Tobago, he also served on its executive. His father is a former weightlifter and wrestler, one of his brothers, is the 80s wrestling star, “Thunderbolt Williams”.

Some maxims that Sifu repeated to his students. Often:

“A man of the martial arts thinks at all times. He possesses speed, power, technique, gracefulness and discipline.”
“The best defense is not being there.”
“The prepared shall inherit the future.”
“The more you sweat in here, the less you bleed out there.”

Rest in peace, Sifu. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. May the Creator watch over thee, while we are absent, one from another.

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  1. Everytime I came to TNT i would visit him I'm just sorry I did not know that he was sick sooner I would of got in touch with him.


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